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Chen, Shuisheng. 2017. Corpus-based Contrastive Analysis and Translation Studies on English and Chinese Verbal Metaphor. Shanghai Journal of Translators 4 : 75–79. 5 pp.
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Based on the constructional grammar and cognitive metaphor theories, this paper makes a contrastive analysis of the syntax and metaphorical meaning in “smile” constructions by comparing the COCA and CCL corpora; then makes comparisons of two translations of Ulysses to analyze the influences on literature style brought by differences between Chinese and English constructions. The result shows that the “smile” constructions in English and Chinese share similar syntactic forms and verbal metaphorical meanings, but they differ in the syntactic bias and main types of metaphor. English construction prefers to use “smile” as a subject and the metaphor of SMILE IS ACTION OR POWER, while Chinese prefer to use “body” as the subject and metaphors like SMILE IS FLUID. The analysis of translations of Ulysses reveals that both of the two versions make some changes to the original text in order to realize normalization and domestication.