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Putz, Orsolya. 2016. Metaphor evolution and survival in Hungarian public discourse on the Trianon peace treaty. Metaphor and the Social World 6 (2) : 276–303. 28 pp.
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The peace Treaty of Trianon, signed by the representatives of Hungary and the Allies in 1920, caused substantial economic, political and social changes in the life of the Hungarian nation. The paper explores how far these changes have been conceptualized by conceptual metaphors in Hungarian public discourse from 1920 to the present day. Specifically, it looks at whether there is a conventionalized metaphoric conceptual system concerning the treaty. The paper applies a qualitative approach to a small corpus of twenty written texts taken from four distinct categories of public discourse and four time periods, to conclude that the same metaphors have fundamentally survived over nine decades, suggesting heavy conventionalization, which can play a crucial role in the survival of a certain mental image of the nation.