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Ponomareva, Olga. 2015. Conceptual Integration in the Poetic Text. Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences 200 : 520–525. 6 pp.
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The article deals with the cognitive aspects of the poetic text which reflects the individual poetic perception of the world: as shown by cognitive linguistics, the conceptual system reflected in the language mapping of the world depends upon subjective physical and cultural experience. The poetic model of the world is regarded as a variety of complex dynamic processes (thoughts, feelings, spiritual values of a personality) that can be analyzed with conceptual metaphor analysis and with the theory of blending, that studies metaphor not as culturally static but as an individual dynamic phenomenon. The analyses of the poems “The Twilight” by H.W. Longfellow and “Twilight” by G.G. Byron are aimed at proving that conceptual metaphors form blending of several spaces, thus creating the author's individual and symbolic image of the twilight.