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Liu, Tao. 2017. Symbolic Resistance: Searching for the Signifying Practices and Metaphor Mechanism of Performing Resistance. Journal of China University of Geosciences(Social Sciences Edition).
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Symbolic protest is an important analytical paradigm to understand performing resistance. The purpose of performing is to intentionally create "image events" so as to realize the function of social mobilization through visual signifying practice. Signifying practice emphasizes the analysis of form and components of visual text as well as the investigation of the relationship between text and meaning and the referential structure. On the symbolic representation dimension, the signifying process of performing resistance is substantiated by dramatic, entertaining, sneak-attacking distortion of some key components on the paradigmatic axis, performing expansionary, unstable and destructive "PUNCTUM". The PUNCTUM constitutes the symbol for image semantic analysis which functions to "tag" all the symbols outside of the visual image and to "summon" meaning, construction a co-context with grasroots discourse on the basis of paradigmatic practice. The basis of paradigmatic practice is the conceptual metaphor at the cultural dimension, i.e. reconstructing the imagination of grasroots discourse by means of activating and rebuilding some commonly shared symbols in human experiences.