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Zeng, Xinyue. 2017. Metaphor and text: A case study of A Room of One's Own. Social Sciences in Hunan.
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Metaphor is closely related to human cognition and it is an induction and integrity of concepts at the cognitive level. In addition to be a cognitive mechanism, metaphor also works as a strategy of construing texts. Texts are the basis in the realm of literacy criticism study and their meaning can be generated from metaphor. A Room of One's Own, a declaration of feminism, is the master piece of xxx. Based on the investigation of the openness metaphor, this paper analyzes the reasons why the book author uses metaphor to construct objects, explains the way how he uses metaphorical mappings and reveals the relevance between the novel meanings of metaphor and its conventional meanings. This paper also tries to figure out the development regularity and contemporary value of metaphor by virtue of analyzing its connotation and extension.