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Gargiulo, Maria Luisa and Alba Arezzo. 2017. Come rendere comprensibile un testo. Milano: Franco Angeli. 204 pp.
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Book – monograph
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This volume is an important resource for teachers, educators, speech therapists and parents of children with disabilities or special needs and for everyone involved in the production of texts that have to be adapted for specific purposes. The authors illustrate various techniques aimed at improving the intelligibility of a written text through the analysis of the elements that may cause comprehension difficulty, e.g. the use of figurative language and idiomatic expressions. The final goal here is to help readers with the production of alternative, modified texts that however contain the same amount of information of the original, non-simplified texts. It is shown, for instance, how to make a number of implicit textual aspects more transparent for learners with various metacognitive deficits as well as with autistic and communication disorders. It is important, for instance, to provide analytical descriptions of images for learners suffering from vision deficits or with problems in the decodification of illustrations. The authors provide several examples of the strategies that can be used to facilitate reading comprehension though the re-elaboration of the text at the word, phrase and sentence level, but also in terms of images.