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Rupp, Nathan Black. 2016. The rise and fall of metaphor: A study in meaning and meaninglessness. Semiótica 2016 (213) : 419–433. 15 pp.
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Berlin: De Gruyter Mouton


The key notion in this paper is the recognition that specific words used by a community have the same “flavour” of that community, which at the same time is also defined by those words. In particular, it is observed that metaphors are very pervasive in language and that specific types of them permeate communal language. The investigation is carried out by relying on Conceptual Metaphor Theory and Conceptual Blending Theory in order to see how new meanings enter our lexicon and become “social”. The analysis also examines “literal” meanings and shows that they are often cases of stale metaphors or neglected blendings devoid of potency. The communal lexicon is thus an ever-changing entity, some sort of storehouse of all the meanings and their interpretations used by a given group.