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Jappy, Tony. 2011. A Peircean approach to pictorial documents. Public Journal of Semiotics (PJOS) 3 (1) : 2–27. 26 pp.
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This paper is a summary of Jappy’s book introducing Peircean visual semiotics to non-specialists as a logic theory. The paper deals with fundamental definitional issues in semiotics such as what is sign, its relations with its medium, and the three dynamic sign relations that can be developed between the sign and its object in order to be escalated to signs: icons, indices, symbols. It is also pointed out the relation but also differentiation between “image” and “text” as two corresponding communication channels. The last part of this paper revolves around the topic of hypo icons (image, diagram, metaphor) with their fundamental distinctions in the unified Peircean theory. Some examples explain these premises for application in pictorial data.