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Macrae, C. Neil, Galen V. Bodenhausen, Alan B. Milne and Vicky Wheeler. 1996. On Resisting the Temptation for Simplification: Counterintentional Effects of Stereotype Suppression on Social Memory. Social Cognition 14 (1) : 1–20. 20 pp.
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The present paper analyses two studies regarding the process and effects of stereotype suppression. Study 1 observed the participants who had to perform an impression-formation task, through a self-description recorded on an audio-tape, and to carry out at once a probe reaction task. Only a group of participants were asked to prevent their stereotypes about the target's social group. The outcomes showed that stereotype suppression is a mental process requiring a lot of energy and, therefore, lowering the attention needed to process target-related information. Study 2 reproduced the second aspect of the result, highlighting that participants increased the memory of the inhibited stereotypes.