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Semino, Elena, Alice Deignan and Jeannette Littlemore. 2012. Metaphor, genre and recontextualization. Metaphor in and across genres 28 (1) : 41–59. 19 pp.
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This paper discusses the dynamic and context-bound nature of metaphor within and across three different genres: medicine, politics, parenting children with special needs. The authors state that the metaphorical meaning is not only dynamic but also context-related by recontextualizing three metaphors from three different genres. The metaphorical diachronicity – use, reuse, and development of metaphor within different contexts and times - is also an important factor, since they discuss three such specific uses of metaphor which have been repeatedly alluded to and re-used in different contexts. In their own words "[...] the three metaphors we have discussed are instances of salient, creative, and arguably ‘deliberate’ metaphoricity, and the primary functions they perform in their original contexts strongly reflect the main communicative goals of the genres within which they occur, i.e. explanation in a scientific paper, evaluation and persuasion in a political interview, and emotional outlet and mutual support in a counselling essay" (p. 57).