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Stefani, Daiana Kreutz and Fernando de Morais Gebra,. 2016. As metáforas da Crítica Literária: o elogio de Órris Soares a Augusto dos Anjos. Intersecções 21 (4) : 78–91. 14 pp. URL
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Article in journal
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Brazilian Portuguese
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Centro Universitário Padre Anchieta, Jundiaí, SP


Taking into account literary criticism as a basis for the possible interpretations of a work, in this article, we have the objective of analyzing metaphors related to the poems of Augusto dos Anjos' in the text "Praise to Augusto dos Anjos" (1919), written by Órris Soares. We will reflect on the conceptualizations manifested in the metaphors, seeking to understand the dialogic relations according to the essentials of the citical discourse analysis. The study is based on Mikhail Bakhtin's conception of discourse and on the understanding that the critic is an enunciator whose voice is present in the text, allowing interpretations based on the critical discourse analysis.