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Greve, Linda. 2018. RW Gibbs, Jr.(2017). Metaphor Wars: Conceptual Metaphors in Human Life. Metaphor and the Social World 8 (2) : 312–318. 7 pp.
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Amsterdam: John Benjamins


A very clear and fair review of Gibb's recent book, commenting with humour on the "war" metaphor used (among endless others) to describe metaphors, and research into then. The author points out that Gibbs is by far not neutral in his review of the field, as what he is presenting is a defence of an updated version of CMT, and criticisms of alternative theories, which becomes especially clear when the book goes into the debate on "deliberateness". Somewhat controversially, Greve concludes that the message of the book is that the understanding a metaphor as a cross-domain mapping is outdated, but that CMT can be updated, along the lines of "4E cognition": embodied, embedded, extended, enacted...