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Taylor, Charlotte. 2014. Images of the Lisbon Treaty Debate in the British Press: A Corpus-Based Approach to Metaphor Analysis. Chiara Nasti. Literary & Linguistic Computing 29 (2) : 276–278. 3 pp.
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This article provides a review of a volume that focuses on the metaphors used in the British press representations of the Lisbon Treaty (2007-2009). It opens by stressing the relevance of metaphor in critical discourse analysis and corpus linguistics thanks to its evaluative potential; then it assesses the book’s main arguments and methodology, and it summarizes the primary results of the corpus-assisted analysis, which are the detailed description of two main conceptual metaphors (those of movement and those of conflict). Despite some flaws in the grounding regarding newspaper discourse and in the lack of attempts to identify less obvious metaphors, it concludes with an overall positive evaluation on the combination of metaphor analysis, discourse analysis and corpus linguistics.