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Vasc, Dermina and Thea Ionescu. 2013. EMBODYING COGNITION: GESTURES AND THEIR ROLE IN THE DEVELOPMENT OF THINKING. Cognitie, creier, comportament 17 (2) : 149–169. 21 pp.
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Cluj-Napoca, România : Asociația de Științe Cognitive din România


This paper is a review of the literature about, different, types of gestures and the functions they sewe across development., and about, how gesture can bring evidence to support, the embodied cognition approach. We will describe what, aspects of children's thinking are revealed when they start, using deictic, coiiventional and iconic gestures. We will discuss gesture's relation with language, symbol understanding, and learning. We will then present, evidence for how gesture has been shown to facilitate the connection between action and thought., arguing that, gesture reflects embodiment. (Abstract provided by the author)