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Touplikioti, Sophia. 2007. The teaching of the polysemous verbs 'make' and 'do' to Greek learners of English: a cognitive linguistic approach (Η διδασκαλία των πολύσημων ρημάτων 'make' και 'do' στους Έλληνες ομιλητές: μία γνωστική προσέγγιση) . 324 pp.
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Ph.D dissertation
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This dissertation deals with the polysemous verbs 'make' and 'do' and how they can be taught to Greek learners of English. Metaphor and metonymy are viewed as the mechanisms that triggering polysemy. One of the central questions of the study is whether metaphor theory awareness can enhance students' performance upon learning the meaning extensions of the verbs 'make' and 'do'. It appears that the answer is positive. Age plays a significant role too.