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Selimis, Efstathios. 2007. Γλωσσική κωδικοποίηση του εννοιολογικού πεδίου της κίνησης: κυριολεξία και μεταφορά στα ελληνικά παιδιών και ενηλίκων. 247 pp.
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Ph.D dissertation
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This dissertation focuses on both literal and non-literal linguistic representations of motion. The context used involves conversations and narratives produced by Greek children and adults and they are compared to equivalent examples of discourse from the English language. The aim was to explore the relationship between language and conceptualization, taking into account the age factor. Several studies were carried out and one of the main findings is that the production and comprehension of figurative uses denoting motion seem to be possible from an early age, even from the age of 3 in some cases.