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Vakur, Çifçili and Kırbaşlar Fatma Gülay. 2015. Investigating Perceptions of Pre-service Science Teachers towards Laboratories by Using Phenomenological Pattern. Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences 174 (12) : 1371–1378. 8 pp.
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The authors discuss how scientific concepts are made clear thanks to the use of metaphors related to laboratory practices and skills. In this regard, the research objective is to detect perceptions of pre-service science teachers, who have been trained in the Department of Science Education in the Faculty of Education at Istanbul University. In the experimental setting pre-service science teachers were asked to express their opinions on laboratory in a cause and effect relationship by describing them via metaphor. The examined data confirm expected results and show that pre-service science teachers define their perceptions on laboratory by using various metaphors: statements containing the words “science”, “practice” and “life”. In particular “science” is used in metaphors for General Physics; statements, which contained “application” are intensively used in General Chemistry Laboratory; statements that contained “life” are intensively used in metaphors used for General Biology Laboratory.