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Visser, Judith. 2014. James W. Underhill (2011), Creating Worldviews. Metaphor, Ideology and Language. 25 : 173–185. 13 pp. URL
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The author reviews the work written by Underhill in 2011 starting from the discussion of the literature review on metaphor theory and further considering the case-study analysis aimed at defining the role of metaphors in patterning ideas and worldviews which speakers adapt in their personal interpretations of the world. By means of a contrastive discourse analysis, Underhill investigates the ways in which the Czech language is reshaped by communist discourse, and the way fascism emerged in the German language. The author, in particular, critically discusses the third case study presented in the book which describes the way the French and English language systems are understood in terms of metaphorically-framed concepts evolving over time. The author also identifies a methodological gap in presenting results and data and in the application of the critical discourse analysis of political speech.