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Poupou, Anna . 2018. The cinematographic form of pain and painful reminiscence. The mondernism of Takis Kanellopoulos (Η κινηματογραφική μορφή του πόνου και της οδυνηρής αναπόλησης- Ο μοντερνισμός του Τάκη Κανελλόπουλου). FILMICON: Journal of Greek Film Studies 5 : 117–124. 8 pp. URL
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The particular paper constitutes a review of Mini’s (2018) book “the cinematographic form of pain and painful reminiscence. The modernism of Takis Kanellopoulos”. The writer provides a profound analysis of the work of Takis Kanellopoulos, a known Greek screenwriter and film director. She portrays his movies and underlines the main features of his work, such as his poetic language and his ability to incorporate his personal experiences of an era when people encountered hardships in his films. Most of all, the book stresses the melancholy and the pain that emerges from the scenery and the characters of the films.