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Tseng, Ming-Yu. 2015. Multimodal figuration of product stories: Experience crossing and creating empathy. Narrative Inquiry 25 (1) : 113–130. 18 pp.
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Amsterdam: John Benjamins


The present study analyzes a so-called product story from a pragmatic and multimodal perspective. In particular, the paper uses the notion of multimodal figuration to characterize the co-presence of narrativity and visuality in product stories. The notion refers to three key features of product stories: product and human participants, generation of plots, and emotionality. From the interaction of these three senses, crucial features of multimodal figuration emerge: objectifying vs. animating forces, crossings between experiences, and creating empathy. All these features are crucially metaphorically shaped; metaphors are therefore considered to play a central role in product storytelling.