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Oropeza Escobar, Minerva. 2018. Stance and Resonance in Joking Interaction in Mexican Spanish. Discurso & Sociedad 12 (4) : 645–659. 15 pp. URL
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Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Departamento de Traducción y Ciencias del Lenguaje


This work studies the interaction among stance, represented discourse, resonance and humour in common everyday conversations in spoken Mexican Spanish. Despite the fact that some studies have previously analysed the role of repetition in verbal humour (Norrick 1987; Tannen 1989) and the role of represented discourse in conversational jokes (Sacks 1978), none of them has focused on the connections between resonance and represented discourse and stance. An analysis of conversational jokes in spoken Mexican Spanish demonstrates that one of the resources used consists in resonating by means of represented discourse, thus revealing the speaker’s stance in relation to the topic.