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Ayuso Collantes, Clara. 2018. La Lengua del Boxeo. Procedimientos de Formación Léxica. ELUA. Estudios de Lingüística 32 : 9–31. 23 pp.
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Universidad de Alicante


Boxing is a foreign sport which was introduced in Spain towards the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, following English and French models, on which its lexis is based. This paper aims at exploring the origin of its language, as well as the ways it has been adapted to and grown in Spanish. In order to do so, this work includes a descriptive overview of the most common word-formation processes used, both lexical (lexical loans and adaptations, calques and new creations), morphological (derivation and compounding) and morphosyntactic (ellipsis, locutions) and those with a semantic inspiration (metaphor and metonymy).