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Treviño-Elizondo, Francisco A., Guillermo B. Willis, Bárbara Siller-González and Angélica Quiroga-Garza. 2018. La Representación De La Enfermedad Mental En La Prensa Escrita . Estudios sobre el Mensaje Periodístico 24 (2) : 1861–1874. 14 pp.
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This work has the aim of improving the way people with mental health issues are treated by the community and the media. The methodology consists on the assessment by a group of experts of erroneous and stigmatising ideas included in 2,160 bits of information published in two local newspapers in Monterrey, Mexico, from August to November 2015. The results show that 48% of the pieces of news include stigmatising labels or misinformation, which highlights the need for collaboration between health professionals and the media, so that accurate information is published.