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Wolff, Christian. 2005. Die Paralipomena Jeremiae und das Neue Testament / The Paralipomena Jeremiae and the New Testament. New Testament Studies 51 (1) : 123–136. 14 pp.
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Neglected in New Testament scholarship, the "Paralipomena Jeremiae" can shed light on new meanings of metaphors previously interpreted differently. The analysis presented in this paper suggests that "ευαγγελιζεσθαι" refers to the act of preaching for eschatological salvation, "κατηχειν" to catechetical activities, "αναπαυσις" to the transition between death and resurrection, the "Jerusalem above" to the ultimate place of salvation, "tent" and "fleshy house" to the human body, Steward to light and fragance, inter alia. Further studies may reveal new metaphors or new interpretations of known metaphors.