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Unternbaumen, Enrique Huelva. 2019. En los vértices del tiempo: Metáforas conceptuales del tiempo y sus variaciones en la poesía y el pensamiento filosófico/Conceptual Metaphors of Time and their Variations in Poetry and Philosophy. Cultura, Lenguaje y Representación 22 : 75–97. 23 pp.
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Universitat Jaume I


This research looks at the bridge between the domains of space and time as reflected in the metaphor TIME IS SPACE (Lakoff and Johnson, 1999; Raden, 2003; Núñez, 2003; Ellen, 2016). Within it, two broad conceptualizations, one stemming from everyday experience and the other stemming from the philosophical tradition, are contrasted. Among the philosophers, there are Edmund Husserl (2002) and Merleau-Ponty (1945). Among literary figures, there are Jorge Manrique, Goethe, Unamuno, Antonio Machado, Chico Buarque, and others. The results show that the philosophical tradition about time is partially rooted in the discussion of everyday metaphors. Nonetheless, the former attain a more conceptually and semantically intrincate structure. This complexity of philosophical metaphors of time run parallel to those involved in metaphorical processes in intercultural and multicultural contexts.