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Prażmo, Ewelina. 2019. “Leftie Snowflakes” And Other Metaphtonymies In The British Political Discourse. Journal of Language and Politics 18 (3) : 371–392. 22 pp.
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Amsterdam: John Benjamins


This research project focuses on the employment of deliberate metaphors within political discourse. We analyse here how derogatory descriptions are created from metaphors which possess certain potential of dehumanising in order to disparage political opponents’ discourses. We demonstrate that metaphorical descriptions are also productive in the process of polysemy creation in cases of previous monosemous items, with the intention of creating an effect of surprise, unexpectedness and novelty. This process turns out to be especially relevant in the language of politics, particularly in the language of British politics. This research project follows the methodological framework of Cognitive Linguistics and explores the theories of conceptual metaphor and metonymy.