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Melike, Baş and Nalan Büyükkantarcioğlu. 2019. Sadness Metaphors And Metonymies In Turkish Body Part Idioms. Dilbilim Araştırmaları Dergisi 30 (2) : 273–294. 22 pp.
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Journal of Linguistics Research


This paper explores the negative emotion of sadness in Turkish body party idiomatic expressions as conceptualizations. Particularly, we focus on two main issues: (i) the distribution of body-part terms appearing in idiomatic expressions in order to express the negative emotion of sadness, and (ii) conceptual metaphors and metonymies which point at the body-part idiomatic expressions to refer to sadness. The data of the corpus involves those idiomatic expressions that contain body-part terminologies in order to express sadness. In this paper we follow the lines of Barcelona (1997) and Kövecses (2000) and their theories of conceptual metaphors and metonymies. The results show that the most productive body parts in Turkish for the conceptualization of the negative emotion of sadness are heart (yürek, kalp) and liver/lung (ciğer). Physical damage is the most typical conceptual mapping identified in the corpus. In this way, Turkish data give an idea about the cultural as well as cognitive model of the emotion sadness and also about the embodied nature of emotions.