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Thibodeau, Paul H., Teenie Madlock and Stephen J. Flusberg. 2019. The Role Of Metaphor In Communication And Thought. Language and Linguistic Compass 13 (5) : 1–18. 18 pp.
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Everyday communication possesses a pervasive frequency of appearance of metaphor. Metaphor helps us understand complex topics and influence others, and it also allows people communicative efficiently. In this study, we present a review of the literature on the use of metaphor, including key findings and controversial issues, as well as underscoring current experimental and theoretical studies. We start with a short introduction to metaphor and follow with a critical perspective on conventional metaphor as reflecting underlying processing of conceptual representations, which is based on Lakoff and Johnson’s theory of conceptual metaphor. After this, in this paper, we discuss current studies that analyse the way metaphor constructs attitudes and reasoning, as well as outlining affective, social and cognitive factors moderating the efficiency of metaphor on the issue of decision making. Along this study, we deal with theoretical implications and we identify those challenges which justify further research on metaphor. Finally, this paper presents a dynamic and complex perspective on metaphor in cognition and communication.