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Quintana, Inostroza, Víctor Vásquez, Tania Tagle, Claudio Díaz and Paola Alarcón. 2019. Map, Foundations, Recipe, Burden: Teachers’ Conceptual Metaphors on Lesson Planning. DELTA Documentação de Estudos em Lingüística Teórica e Aplicada 35 (4) : 1–22. 22 pp. URL
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The paper explores the way Chilean teachers conceptualize lesson planning, and, in particular what domain they would employ to describe it. A number of 54 Chilean teachers from different schools took part in the research by filling in a questionnaire. The Conceptual Metaphor theory (Lakoff & Johnson 1980) is used as the theoretical framework and the tool for analyzing the data. The qualitative analysis revealed four prevailing metaphor categories: Map, Foundations, Instruction and Burden. These metaphorical categories are indicative of what the participants think of lesson plans, reflecting their personal beliefs, emotions and experiences.