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Jurewicz, Joanna. 2019. The wheel of time: How abstract concepts emerge (a study based on early Sanskrit texts) . Public Journal of Semiotics (PJOS) 8 (2) : 13–28. 16 pp.
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The paper explores how conceptual metonymy, metaphor and blending qualify for philosophical thinking tools. Based on this assumption, the author analyzes selected stanzas from Sanskrit texts, namely, from the Ṛgveda (ca. 13th BC), the Atharvaveda (ca. 10-9th BC) and the Mahābhārata (ca. 4th BC - 4th AD). In particular, she uses the notion of riding in a chariot in order to bring up ontological, epistemological and ritual issues and to indicate that the concept of the wheel functions as a figurative element that betokens the concept of time. According to her, cognitive models are embedded in our consciousness, and, therefore, can be found in the early Indian thinkers’ philosophy.