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Katsogiannou, Maria and Charalampos Christodoulou. 2019. cySlang: The dictionairy of slang Cypriot Greek. Modern Greek Dialects and Linguistic Theory 7 (1) : 106–114. 9 pp. URL
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University of Patras


This paper discusses the main characteristics of the Cypriot slang. The online dictionary which focuses on Cypriot slang contains more than 1.500 entries. The authors explain the notions of slang and Cypriot slang and underline the fact that slang words should not be connected to rural language, whose use should be embarrassing. The authors also notice that the Cypriot slang involves various terms related to sports, military register, human relations etc. Lastly, the authors present the methodology they followed in order to enlist words in the dictionary and in order to distinguish between interrelated concepts.