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Katsouda, Georgia , Io Manolessou and Stamatis Mpeis. 2019. The prefix /ðia/ in Modern Greek: synchrony and diachrony. Modern Greek Dialects and Linguistic Theory 8 (1) : 79–92. 14 pp. URL
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University of Patras


This paper delves into the meanings of the Modern Greek prefix /ðia/ both in the standard and dialectal uses. The prefix is studied from a synchronic and a diachronic viewpoint. The authors record instances from the Historical Dictionary of Modern Greek (ILNE) and examine the variants/allomorphs of the prefix. The variants are examined in terms of their derivational properties, productivity, their semantic range, and various etymological aspects. It is suggested that the prefix /ðia/ is highly productive in the dialectal area since many derivational patterns of past periods have survived in full function, which, in turn, result in new formations.