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Boletsi, Maria. 2016. From the subject of the crisis to the subject in crisis: Middle voice on Greek walls. Journal of Greek Media & Culture 1 (1) : 153–164. 12 pp. URL
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The present article revisits theorizations of the Middle voice by Roland Barthes, Jacques Derrida, Hayden White, Dominick LaCapra and others. Middle voice is treated as a display of feelings of discomfort of Greek citizens exhibited on walls, taking the role of “the victim”. The author explores the potential of the Middle voice and the contemporary Greek subject in popular discourses in the Greek ‘crisis’ context. In order to do so, she employs an example of a currently popular Greek wall-writing featuring the word ‘vasanizomai’ (‘I am in torment’) and suggests that ‘vasanizomai’ signals a different kind of personal crisis since it bears a dual menaing. It actually shows that the Greek subject can cultivate the perception that Greek people are responsible for the crisis or, on the other hand, they play the role of the victim, whereas the politicians are the perpetrators.