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Biorci, Grazia. 2019. Le metafore nella letteratura italiana della migrazione: Studi e riflessioni. In : 89–95. 7 pp.
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Edizioni Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche


This chapter looks at the use of Italian in literature by migrant writers whose native language is different from Italian. More specifically, the author proposes to focus her investigation on metaphors and other instances of figurative language. Despite the lack of scientific interest in Italian migrant writers – a phenomenon which could also signal that the process of cultural integration has successfully ended – the analysis concludes that the use of figurative forms allows for a better communicative ability and general adaptation of the migrant subject to the ever-changing cultural scenario in which he/she is immersed. The language of these novels is found to be enriched with many new images and figurative suggestions, which are clearly influenced by different cultural realities.