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Bufalino, Giambattista, Gabriella D'Aprile and Raffaella C. Strongoli. 2019. Metaphors Education Knowledge: Research Perspectives and Laboratory Practices for Intercultural Teacher Training. Ricerche Pedagogiche 53 (212-213) : 135–158. 24 pp. URL
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This paper discusses a number of research perspectives and laboratory practices for the purposes of intercultural education and training of teachers. It revolves around the use of metaphor as an essential device in the process of intercultural education, both at an epistemic and a methodological level, since it is able to reveal implicit conceptions and attitudes about educational practices dealing with cultural diversity. The theoretical part of the article delves into the bond between epistemology and metaphorical language as they relate to the educational setting, observing how the presence of metaphorical expressions and analogical constructions is not limited to the linguistic side, but it actually influences the representations of the educational relationship, and therefore of educational operations. The paper also provides a case-study by analyzing a workshop model called MetaLab, which employs metaphorical approaches to the education and training of teachers; this workshop prioritizes the teachers’ active epistemological experience, in order to unveil the implicit ways of understanding and elaborating information that reverberate in their educational practices, as well as to promote a positive approach to cultural diversity.