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Garzaniti, Marcello. 2019. The discourse on instability and disorganisation: Slovo o nestroenijach i bezčinijach by Maximus the Greek. On the Sources of Vasilija’s Lament. Studi slavistici 16 (2) : 157–175. 19 pp.
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Firenze University Press


Garzaniti’s paper analyses Slovo o nestroenijach i bezčinijach – written by Maximus the Greek. The main character of this story is an allegorical personification, a woman called Vasilija who is surrounded by wild beasts. Her laments contain several references to “severe vaticins” of the prophets of the Old Testament and their aim is to illustrate the situation of chaos during that historical age. This character may be associated to the “virgin” from Savonarola’s De ruina ecclesiae. Garzaniti claims that Maximus elaborates this Savonarolian model, also taking into account De ruina mundi. As a matter of fact, based on a complex and well constructed biblical exegesis, he illustrates the allegory in relation to the Russian empire and to history in general. The interpretation of the relationship between the earthly power and the “kingdom of heaven” from an eschatological perspective suggests the fundamental role played by the prophetic figures of both the Old Testament and the history of the church in Maximus’ work.