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Tancredi, Francesco. 2019. A game for "us": the polyphonic writing and the discovery of the plurality of the subject. bollettino Itals 17 (77) : 72–93. 22 pp. URL
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The contribution proposes a creative writing activity for secondary-school students, that aims at developing competences within a “creative citizenship” dimension. In this task, students are invited to describe the different communities to which they belong (family, friends, etc.), and to collocate themselves in relation to the groups (them vs us vs me). The teachers’ aim is to stimulate creative thinking by raising questions, doubts, and discussions. Particular attention is given to the communicative acts and the (pluri)linguistic repertoires within and between each group, as they can vary both at intra-subject and inter-subject level. In this sense, metaphors are a valid tool to explore socio-cultural processes, since they build a bridge between the individual and the world of meanings. In general, however, the argumentations that should highlight the benefits of this activity are not well-expressed. The articulation of the discourse is rather confused.