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Serrelli, Emanuele. 2019. Migrant metaphors and growth of the scientific community: the case of evolutionary landscapes. Educazione Sentimentale 31 : 115–128. 14 pp.
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Milan: FrancoAngeli


In the last decades, scientific metaphors have been at the center of crucial debates. Several studies, for instance, have tried to investigate the complex relationship between metaphors and mathematical models. The article deals with a metaphor drawn from the field of biology, i.e. evolutionary landscapes. Specifically, it explores its relevant role in the development of evolutionary science – in particular between the ’30s and ’40s – and its origin in the context of population genetics. Also, by drawing a distinction between “native” and “migrant” metaphor, the author argues that metaphor can be conceived as generator of a common language between separated scientific fields, and as a tool for understanding models. Based on these argumentations, he suggests that the “models vs metaphors” dichotomy can be solved.