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Wang, Bin and Xuan Han. 2019. Color terms of English war poems from the perspective of cognitive grammar. Journal of Xi’an International Studies University 27 (3) : 23–27. 5 pp.
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Xi’an International Studies University


Color images may add some colors to the black and white and contain rich meanings, being crucial carriers of poets' thoughts and feelings. On the basis of a self-built English war poem corpus, this article characterizes the metonymical and metaphorical phenomena concerning the grammatical aspects of the color terms. The findings are as follows: 1) color terms of different grammatical categories differ in nature and the mutual conversion of homonymy color terms is one side of color term metonymy; 2) color term metonymies existing in the English war poems realize through ways like entity to color, color to entity, color to human emotion and others; 3) color terms are used to refer to objective existence mainly through two metonymical mechanisms: the construction of DEFINITE ARTICLE+COLOR TERMS(1