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Zhang, Yahui and Zhongyi Lu. 2019. The Mental Representations of Juvenile Delinquents' Vertical Spatial Metaphor for Morality and the Contributing Factors. Psychological Development and Education 35 (6) : 648–656. 9 pp.
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This study aims to explore the mental representations of juvenile delinquents' vertical spatial metaphor for morality and their contributing factors. Experiment one uses an implicit association test (IAT) and experiment two uses a forced paper and pencil test, to inspect the mental representations under unconscious and conscious conditions respectively. The third experiment uses a questionnaire and test method to investigate influencing factors of metaphorical connection. The results show that: juvenile delinquents have formed the metaphorical connection of “moral is up, immoral is down”, but with lower connection strength; cognitive factors play an important role in the formation of a juvenile delinquent's vertical spatial metaphor for the moral concept; the role of re-education in prison should be emphasized.