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Liu, Yi and Ping Liu. 2019. Meaning Construction of Multimodal Metaphors on Poverty in News Cartoons. Journal of Northeastern University (Social Science) 21 (4) : 419–427. 9 pp.
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Based on the framework of Conceptual Blending Theory, the multimodal metaphors are analyzed in 198 poverty-themed news cartoons. By explaining the meaning construction process of six kinds of poverty metaphors (i.e. patches, hats, bowls, shanties, natural barriers, and tools) among input space, generic space, and blending space, the multi-dimensional meaning construction of poverty and its causes in news cartoons are explored through multimodal metaphors, which not only embodies the attitudes of the media and the public towards poverty and poor population but also reveals the positive attitudes of the current political media towards overcoming poverty. It is hoped that a more profound and systematic cognition of the social issue could be achieved through the interpretations of the multimodal metaphors on poverty.