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Liu, Tian. 2019. Extended Meaning of Directional Verb "Rise” of Chinese Character from the Persipective of Metaphor. Journal of Huaqiao University (Philosophy & Social Sciences) 3. 144+152 pp.
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The extended meaning of the directional verb is an important and difficult point for both ontological research and Chinese language teaching. It is an urgent requirement for grammar teaching of TCFL to construct a semantic teaching map of “rise” extended meaning under the metaphorical mechanism. To describe the extended meaning of “rise” accurately, we need not only to eliminate the interference of constructional semantics and the semantics of other group words but also to consider the interaction between the semantics of group words and the semantics of “rise” in the Context. The extended meaning of “rise” with verbs or adjective groups can be summarized into five categories: TOGETHER IS UP, MORE IS UP, ESTABLISH IS UP, NEW IS UP, CONDITION IS UP. Metaphorical The consciousness of metaphor based on the spatial meaning of “rise” is supposed to set up for students, and guide them to understand the usage of extended meanings accurately to build up their overall language expressive ability.