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Shen, Wenfan and Yu Chen. 2019. Foreign Commodities and Color Metonymy in Tang Poetry- Focus on “Se-se”. Journal of Northwest Minzu University (Philosophy & Social Science) 3. 144+152 pp.
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The Tang Dynasty’s “Se-se” was a foreign commodity from Persia, Western Regions, and Nan zhao, which was officially paid tribute and exchanged in trade. This paper makes a textual research on the physical species and commodity value of “Se-se”. The unique charm of “Se-se” made the poets of the Tang Dynasty write 53 “Se-se” poems, which not only inherited and developed the traditional interpretation but also started the new interpretation. The poets of the Tang Dynasty innovatively used "Se-se" as a substitute for color, and borrowed its bright color to refer to the scenes of river water, tea, clothing, and bamboo, creating a rich and varied color level and a new artistic realm of personality for poetry.