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Golfam, Arsalan, Amir Ghorbanpour and Nader Mahdipour. 2019. A comparative study of the conceptual metaphors of time in Persian and English. Journal of Applied Studies in Language 3 (1) : 43–55. 13 pp. URL
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Politeknik Negeri Bali


The authors carried out a comparative analysis of conceptual metaphors of time in Persian and English. The purpose of the study is to uncover any similarities and differences in the conceptualization of time in the two languages. The authors distinguish eight conceptual metaphors; TIME IS MONEY, TIME IS A RESOURCE, TIME IS A MOVING ENTITY, to name a few. The metaphors are identified in collocations with specific lexical items. For instance, there are verbs collocating with time, which describe movement such as āmadan ‘to come’, nazdik šodan ‘to approach’ and gozaštan ‘to pass’. All in all, the results show that time is conceptualized and linguistically expressed in a similar manner in the two languages.