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Liu, Wanming. 2020. The Body Metaphor Relationship between the Individual and the Nation-state in Lu Xun’s Literature World. Social Sciences of Beijing 5 : 76–88. 13 pp.
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Lu Xun adopted the traditional metaphor in his literature which describes a state as a human body and the resource of European romantic literature in 19th Century, to build up a metaphoric relationship between the individual and the nation-state. The behavior of "sacrifice to Xuan Yuan with blood" in Inscription on My own photo connected the body of the two at the first time. In On the Power of the Satanical School of Poetry, he borrowed the resources of European romantic literature to describe an ideal individual body which was united with the nation-state body. However, in The Medicine, Lu Xun rewrote the story of "sacrifice to Xuan Yuan with blood" to deny the meaning of sacrifice to the nation. And in Revenge I, he told his own story about the sacrifice of the son of the God to describe the individual body which had been separated from the nation-state's body. The change of the body metaphoric relationship between the individual and the nation-state through the four texts shows that Lu Xun devoted himself to create a unity of individual and the nation-state, with a deep doubt on it at the same time.