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Macciò, Andrea. 2019. “Voie d’Enfer et de Paradis” by Pierre de l’Hôpital: between norms and rewritings. Studi francesi 187 : 496–514. 19 pp.
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The paper analyses the ancient allegoric poem Voie d’Enfer et de Paradis by Pierre de l’Hôpital. The importance of this work lies in its contribution to the development of the genre relating to the allegorical voyage. Nevertheless, critics have not devoted much attention to this work due to a relative lack of attestations in his contemporaries. The aim of this paper is to place the unedited work attributed to Pierre de l’Hôpital within the context of the oitanic literature, to identify its distinctive features in comparison with other literary coevals who wrote about the journey through the Afterlife and to trace the four manuscripts that contain the text. Furthermore, the scholar aims to provide further information about the origin of Pierre de l’Hôpital and intends to propose an intertextual link between the text typology of the Voie d’Enfer et de Paradis and that of the Songe d’Enfer by Raoul de Houdenc.