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Mangieri, Cono Antonio. 2019. The political metaphor in the poem “Rosa fresca aulentissima”. Campi immaginabili: rivista semestrale di cultura 60-61 (I-II).
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This paper investigates the political metaphor in the poem Rosa fresca aulentissima written in the first half of the XIII century by Cielo d'Alcamo, one of the most emblematic representatives of the Sicilian school, in particular of the medieval jester poetry. The poem is referred to as “contrasto”, a type of medieval versified composition in the form of dialogue, usually about a dispute between allegoric characters or personifications of abstract concepts. The author of the paper suggests an exegetic interpretation of the text and puts forward the hypothesis concerning the possibility that the political metaphor hides beneath the poem also because it has been written in a period full of political, ecclesiastical, military, literary and cultural events.