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Velykoroda , Yuriy . 2019. Conceptual Metaphorisation through Precedent-Related Phenomena in Media Discourse. Studies About Languages 34 : 32–45. 14 pp.
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Precarpathian National Vasyl Stefanyk University, Ukraine


The purpose of this article is to examine the way intertextual references can function as source domains for metaphors in media discourse. More specifically, the author is interested in identifying precedent-related phenomena via references to other texts and, in turn, in detecting conceptual metaphors, such as CLINTON IS PROPHET or CLINTON IS MOSES, which bear specific cognitive effects, cultivating a specific mindset to the readers. In these cases, attention is given to the way the source domain maps onto the target domain. The empirical material involves cases of intertextuality within metaphors taken from the American popular magazines Time and Newsweek (printed version), and from the Daily Beast (after Newsweek printed edition got terminated). Overall, the paper brings together the analysis of intertextuality and metaphor in media texts.