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Wang, Meng. 2020. Research on Metaphor and Metonymy of Network Language from the Perspective of Cognitive Sociolinguis. Journal of Hunan University(Social Sciences) 34 (3) : 147–153. 7 pp.
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This paper introduces the conceptual metaphor theory in cognitive sociolinguistics. As an important theory in cognitive sociolinguistics, conceptual metaphor is the mapping between the source domain and the target domain. This paper analyzes the metaphorical phenomenon in network words from the perspective of the mapping between source domain and target domain, and holds that a large part of network words created by netizens have metaphorical properties, and these network words are the mapping between their real world (source domain) and virtual society (target domain). Combined with network words, this paper discusses the synesthetic metaphor and economic principle, and analyzes the metonymy phenomenon of network words from the aspects of semantic adjacency and phonetic adjacency. Metaphor is a form of rhetoric that reflects people's cognitive thinking in communication. Therefore, in the communication on the virtual platform of Internet, the metaphorical attribute of network buzzwords is very prominent.