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Menzio, Maria Rosa. 2019. The third apple: the science goes to the theatre. Hoepli. x-166 pp. URL
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Book – monograph
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The book starts from the metaphor of the ‘third apple’ as the third culture, namely the relation between science and humanism, from literature to arts. The starting point is the scientific debate that characterized in the late 50s of the 20th century the dichotomy between the two cultures: the author analyses the relation between science and literature, providing several examples from scientific innovations to the literary categories applied to fairy tales, with the ultimate aim of discussing how and why metaphors are widely used in explanatory processes to scientific events. The discussion draws attention to the metaphoric dimension at the basis of the theory of gravitational waves which try to incontrovertibly explain the functioning of space and time, as well as on the metaphor of the ‘music of the Spheres’, based on physical truths and metaphysical beliefs, and used by Pythagorean philosophers to express their idea of the universe, and by Kepler who sought to explain the solar system in terms of ‘divine harmony’. The literature review suggests also the idea that the approach adopted by the psychologist Jung to visible/invisible frequency of the electromagnetic spectrum and different levels of spiritualization, where he maps two additional regions at either end of this spectrum (metaphorically associating ‘the biological instinctual psyche’ to the infrared and ‘the archetype’ to the ultraviolet), is a valid representation of the metaphorical relation between science and arts.